Priests Fail


Math And Science

Jesus Created The Person On Earth

The Truth And Changing Circumstances

The Book Of Genesis

Prayer Is Conversation

Axioms Behind A New Religious Organization

Jesus Christ’s Obedience To The Father

Can Priests Go To Hell?

Priests And Pastors

St. Hillary?

Priests fail. Despite good intentions, they fail every single time. And that is why the temple not only needs to be cleaned again, it needs to be cleaned on a regular basis. To admit is to attempt humility. Every temple, every church, every mosque, every synagogue and monastery, every place of worship, for religions big and small, the priests fail. But there is but one God.

This creation is the miracle. God is the ultimate miracle. Forget Jesus walking on water, water itself is miracle. Every fiber in your body is a miracle. This world that you see before your eyes is a miracle.

There is no language to prayer. Prayer is not conveyed in words. Words are an attempt at prayer. But those words, just like the priests, fail every single time. But the reward is in trying. To admit is to attempt humility.

God never intended for women to be anything less than equal. He could not have. He is not even a He. Or a She. We do not know His form, only His presence. But since we can only pray with the words we might have, we give him form in our attempts to reach Him. Priests are an attempt. Temples are an attempt. Words of prayer are an attempt. They are all designed to fail, because we are to be humble in God’s presence.

But then there is the here and now. There is to be but one country. All of humanity is to be forged into one bond. We are to live as one people. All religions are valid, but any message against peace, justice and kindness is invalid in all religions. Our faith was never meant to be unquestioning. For it is through questioning that we clean up the temple. And we can never stop cleaning.

We are to create an age of abundance. We are to create Heaven on Earth. There is meant to be plenty for everyone. All of earth is to be one Kingdom, His Kingdom. That is one republic resting on the fabric of one person, one vote, one voice that weaves every human being. Only that web can ensure it will be His Kingdom, and not that of some ruler on earth. Most people admitting failure will keep the humility, one person is much more likely to err. And so it is to be a Kingdom of We The People, All People, dedicated to God.


The High Priests Of Today

The Law Of Political Entropy

One World, One Government

The Gist Of It

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