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Every human being is unique. Just like every fingerprint is unique. Every snowflake is unique. That is God’s algorithm. And because every human being is unique, every human being has a right to personal space, also called privacy. It is in that personal space that the uniqueness finds “leg room.” That right to privacy is constitutionally protected, it is listed in the Human Rights Charter, and is as fundamental as the right to free speech. It has legal protection. But long before it became legally protected, it was sacrosanct.

Human diversity is as natural as fingerprints. Diversity is a-okay.

It is in that personal space that one prays. One has to want to pray in private, one has to be able to pray in private first and foremost. And then one can enter into congregation.

Every one has a right to personal space, even famous people. Public figures enter the public space, and that part is public, and they know it. But as individuals they have as much of a right to personal space as anyone else. Privacy deprivation is akin to sleep deprivation. It is wrong and harmful.

When we greet each other, we are essentially paying respect to each other’s personal space. For it is in that space that your existence resides.

One lets someone else into that personal space out of free will. One enters into someone else’s personal space with their permission.

Then there are relationships one enters into out of free will. There are romantic relationships, not always man and woman, but most often yes, there are friendships, there are work relationships, there are congregations and communities. One shares personal space out of free will. Just as one can enter into a relationship and share personal space, one may walk out of it, or it was never an act of free will. One stays in a relationship out of free will.

One prays to God out of free will. Why would one enter a relationship for any reason other than free will? Why would one stay in a relationship for any reason other than free will?

Being part of an organized religion is an act of individual choice, also duly noted in the Human Rights Charter.

Places of worship are important. It is interesting that human beings have to choose to reach out to God. It is a choice that has to be made. It has to be an act of free will. So when a person enters a place of worship, that is an expression of intent. When someone prays, that is an expression of intent. Choosing to open up a Holy Book is an expression of intent.

Every town on earth deserves at least one place of worship. Each such place should attempt to provide at least one good meal per day to anyone who will drop by, no questions asked. It is to nourish the existence that resides in that personal space. Birds manage to feed themselves. People also should be able to.

Church music is a glimpse into heaven. Music is soul food. Prayer is soul food.

New York City is the modern day Jerusalem. Every town on earth is represented in this city. Build a hundred cities where every town on earth gets represented. And let people in. Let people congregate.

Even shared personal space can have a right to privacy. Families claim privacy just like individuals. Companies have a right to privacy. One can form a private group, one can organize a private event.

Right to privacy extends to and becomes the right to peaceful assembly in the Human Rights Charter. People may peacefully assemble. It is their God given right.

Acts of violence are extreme forms of personal space invasion. Killing and assaults are illegal for good reason. Those who engage in violent crimes are subject to law, and the law has a right to take away their personal space. They lose their freedom for amounts of time determined by the law. People can learn to be peaceful, people can choose to be peaceful, and that is faith’s number one teaching, but they can also be forced to be peaceful by law, it is the state’s number one responsibility. Deeper the reach of faith, less the dependence on law.

On the way to establishing rule of law between nations, on the way to one planet one country, questions of lawful use of force might arise. Military action can only be a matter of last resort, after all other options have been exhausted. If a good enough job is done to exhaust all other options, military action might almost never be necessary, even in the interim period prior to one planet one country.

Domestic violence, currently the number one security threat on the planet, is wrong on many, many levels and has to be tackled through law, faith, outreach and individual choice.

The right to peaceful assembly is supposed to be a global paradigm. But we have countries and immigration laws and restrictions, we have social walls that divide communities and stand in the way of people forming relationships across diverse backgrounds. That is not God’s way. If two people from diverse backgrounds are to not come together, it should be an individual decision. You don’t have to explain why, you don’t have to explain why not. You get to exercise free will. And you have a right to personal space and privacy.

New technologies have surfaced, technologies like bio metric IDs and facial recognition technology, that could potentially impinge on people’s sense of personal space and privacy, even as they promise to bring down barriers and policing costs to make much larger sets of fruitful human interactions possible. It is for the people to decide, it is for the law to decide. It is for the democratic process to decide as to the extent of their use. But machine reading might extend the scope of their use so as to help bring down barriers. But there has to be clear judicial oversight. Especially for every instance of human intervention, there has to be very clear judicial oversight and each such act has to be on the institutional record for real time or later time overseeing. Every individual has a right to find out if they have been put on some kind of a watch list in error, and to seek correction. It is possible to use the new technologies without invading people’s personal spaces, it is possible to bring down policing costs, and to bring down barriers to human interactions on large, unprecedented scales.

Everybody is unique. All human beings are equal. But until that equality is realized, God does live with the poor. Where everyone has food to eat and shelter, God lives with the oppressed. Gay people with a tortured sense of self, or women in political denial, or ethnic minorities, or the persecuted of those who will speak their minds are the oppressed. God lives with the poor and the oppressed, because not poverty not oppression is God’s will.




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