The Spiritual Journey

When you are on the ground floor of the Empire State Building, you don’t see much. You see what is in the room you are in. You go to the 10th Floor, and you see more. You look out the window. But then you end up on the roof, and you see so much more in every direction. You see so much more that you have become selfless. You are so captivated by what you see. You see so much more you will not be faulted for thinking you have now become a genius. You are now Einstein himself. But the truth is your brain capacity is the same that it was on the ground floor. What is now different is that you have chosen to undertake a spiritual journey. You will not be faulted for thinking now you see everything, even though it is not true you see everything. There is so much more than what you see.

I highly recommend the spiritual journey to every knowledge worker. But then every single human being is a knowledge worker. If you do physical work and don’t think of yourself as a knowledge worker just look up some YouTube videos on robots and tell me that is still the case. There is not one robot that does not think it is a knowledge worker. Simple tasks they perform require enormous amounts of information processing.

Robots don’t get bored, you do. Robots can’t pray, you can. Cars are also faster than you. They are physically fast. But they are not scary as long as they are well regulated. Artificial Intelligence is like fast cars. As long as they are well regulated, intelligently regulated, well policed, they are indispensable to creating Heaven On Earth. But capitalism is as useful as fire. It is supposed to be subservient to the democratic process. Democracy is one person, one vote, one voice taken to its logical local and global conclusions. One person one vote has been half achieved in many advanced democracies, but not one country has the one voice part in place. One person, one vote, one voice is supposed to be 24/7 local to global.

In getting bored, you innovate. In praying you become one with God. God is your best bet against technology. God is your only bet.

Heaven Is Not A Concept Cooked Up On Earth


The Message, The Organization, The House Of Worship

Faith And Doubt

Four Dimensions And Beyond

The Jesus Rectangle

God, Political Action, And Public Policy

A Kingdom Of Love, Joy, Kindness

Democracy Is An Exercise In Humility

Total Humility, Utter Fearlessness

Faith Is Not Allegiance

Open Your Heart And See God Is Everywhere

The Truth About Resurrection

The Concreteness Of Faith

Who Is Lying? Jesus Or God?

I Watched You Strut

God Almighty

How Many Laws Of Gravity?

Thy Will Be Done: A Love Relationship

What God Is Not

God: Super Easy To Understand

Conversation Circle: Six People

Who Is Directing This Movie?

The Gospel: The Gold Standard

Death: The Big Question

When Do You Go To Heaven?

The Importance Of Many Religions

Spiritual Centeredness And Existential Questions

The Trinity

In Heaven There Is No Religion

Forget Jesus, Let’s Start With God

Crucifixion: God’s PowerPoint Presentation

Created Through God’s Thoughts

Dust To Dust, Light To Light

God Reveals

Food And Longing For Food

Why Did God Not Pick The Electric Chair?

Technology Is Proof

The Next Step

In God’s Image

Your Free Will And God’s Ultimate Intelligence

Meditation, Therapy, Culture: All In The Mind

The Good News On Artificial Intelligence And Genetic Engineering

Abba, In Your Name

The Here And Now

Nothing Above God, Nothing Beyond God

The One True Living God

The Interface That Is The Human Face

God Can See Where You Are Going

If You Can Breathe, You Can Meditate

The Big Data Behind Crucifixion

“Let There Be Light”

The Ant, The Bee, And God

Light, Love And God

The Uniqueness Of The Soul And The Naturalness Of Cultural Diversity

Jesus: Man And God

A Creation Full Of Miracles

You Don’t Discover Or Invent God

God’s Restraint, God’s Miracles, God’s Power

Resurrection And God’s Existence

Sun, Earth And Humanity

Free Will Becomes Easy If You Love God

Prayer Is Like Yoga

“Thank You For This Daily Bread”

Gravity And God

Abba, Your Immense Indescribable Love

Rigorous Thinking And God

God As An Eternal Being

Enlightened Equity Ownership

Earth’s Suffering, Heaven’s Sorrow

God Created The Integers

Nobody Asks

Love In Action

Body And Beyond

Knowledge, Hubris, Humility

God, One Prayer Away, Everywhere, Always

God As Electricity

The Internet, The Blockchain, The Holy Spirit

The Crucifixion Might Not Have Happened

The Asteroid Belt Belongs To All Humanity

Of Love And Obedience

The Bible As Encyclopedia

Getting Body, Mind, Heart, Soul In Alignment

Earth And Heaven: Which Is Real?

The Holy Spirit Is God

You Conquer Sin, Then You Conquer Poverty

You Are Real

The Trinity Commandment Of Love

The Jews And God And The Hindus

Jesus And Krishna

The Love Lattice, The Love Matrix

The Bible: An Encyclopedia Of Disbelief

Ageing With Grace

Love, Evolution, Men, Women And Children

Sin, Poverty And Tremendous Prosperity

Going On The Cross Was No Miracle

Moses, The Mountain, And Transfiguration

America Killing Bees

Family And Wealth

The Holy Son Was At No Point Forsaken

Your Clothes, Your Body, Animated Movies And Heaven

The Here And Now (2)


“Peace Be Upon You”

Worship And Wisdom

God Is Not Opposed To Wealth Creation

The Family Is The Basic Social Unit

Existential Issues And The Possible Age Of Abundance

Every Detail In Creation Has Been Thought Through

You In Human Incarnation

Injustice Is An Affront To The Human Spirit And Hence God

One God, One Humanity

Of Intelligence And Love

Water, Food

“Nobody Has Seen The Father But Me”



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