False Prophets, False Priests, False Words

The Second Coming Of Christ

Visiting Utter Political Destruction Upon The Brahmins Of Nepal

The Truth

India’s Caste System: Spiritual Corruption Second To None

One Earth, One Creator, One God

The Only Soul You Can Save Is Your Own

Coming As Soon As We Can

God is a kind God. He is not playing hide and seek with you. He is not hard to reach out to. But you do have to choose to reach out. God is the only authority. There is no authority on his behalf, no temple, no church, no priest, no book even. God is one authority. He is not authority even. He just is. He is like a river of milk that flows. He is like a river of honey that flows. You dip in for nourishment. You choose to.

The temptation of power is too strong. People see God’s enormous power. And they want to claim some of it for themselves. They seek obedience, when they should nudge people to prayer. Private prayer. God does not seek obedience. God seeks joy. God wants you to be joyous. You pray to God not for him, but for you. Prayer brings you joy. That is why you pray.

Pray out of free will for your own joy. Question relentlessly for the temple needs to be cleaned unceasingly. Beware false prophets and false priests and false words in holy books put in there by the false prophets and the false priests.

God Lord does not really speak in language. Language itself is translation. And much gets lost in translation. But one has to try.

If you choose not to pray, I respect that from the bottom of my heart. And if you pray, I have nothing more to say. That is all there really is.

Jesus’ message is loud and clear: pray to God, and forgive fellow human beings. And that is it. But there are those who have managed to interpret the second coming of Christ as if it will be worse than nuclear war. These are the same people who unleashed colonization, slavery and segregation all in God’s name, and act racist today all in God’s name. To them Christianity is nothing but white nationalism of the racist kind. That is the Anti Christ’s way. That is not Christ. Christ was not even a white guy. He was born into flesh, so he might have been born a Jew, but then not. He had no race. He did not belong to any one people. The entire human race is the chosen people.

Christ is kindness, not Armageddon. Christ would never approve of a Holy War, or war of any kind. Even The Devil himself he defeated with spiritual weapons. He confronted the devil with his touch, his words. Ordinary human beings can simply pray and be done with the devil. The Devil is powerless if you are with God. The Devil has to work through you. So if you don’t let it do its work, you are all good.

If racism is Christianity, then Christianity, the religion, is nothing to do with Christ. People quoting from the Bible to justify racism, sexism, homophobia and the like are proof there are words in the Bible put there by men, committees of men, over the ages. Of course every single word in the Bible may be questioned. That applies to every word in every holy book. God is not some fascist dictator asking for your obedience or else. God is ever so loving and kind and all knowing.

Words themselves are translation. And so, even when a statement in a holy book is correct, it can still be questioned. Perhaps a better translation is possible. That quest has to be unceasing. That quest sometimes replaces a statement, often it renews what is there. Some statements will stand the test of time and will live through the ages, but they can still be questioned. Every word in every holy book can be questioned, but of course.

Religious diversity is fine. But religious division is not. Religious prejudice is wrong. Religious violence is outright sin. Priests and other spiritual workers do important work. But not when they lose their humility and start acting like stand-ins for God himself. Each soul has to attempt a direct connect with God through prayer. And helping is a good thing. Getting in the way is wrong. The Hindu caste system is priests getting in the way big time. That firewall of Brahminism has to be broken and utterly destroyed. Nothing stands between God and people today quite like that firewall.

But of course God has a form. But prophets don’t get to see that. They only feel His presence, as did Prophet Muhammad.

All Hindu mythologies can be preserved like cultural heritage, like the Greek mythologies. They shall live as humanity’s collective treasure.

We don’t struggle to see the difference between those with only a high school level knowledge of physics, and those with a PhD level of knowledge. But rebel churches think spiritual knowledge does not need such standards. Many rebel churches have the equivalent of GED surgeons.

There is but one God.

God does not exist because you believe God exists. God exists. Whether you believe it exists or not is for you to believe, it is a choice you make. That freedom of choice is free will, that free will itself is give to you by God.

A lot of Hindus think the choice is between tea and coffee. As in, what they have is tea, and there is another cultural group, mostly western and white, and what they are offering is coffee. But they are going to stick to tea, for one must take pride in one’s heritage. But that same Hindu heritage is full of hints at God. There are strong hints of both God and Heaven. There is talk of soul. Just like in the Greek mythologies.

But this is not a choice between tea and coffee. Heritage is not Heaven. Heritage is of this world, Heaven is not of this world. The choice is between you, the unique you, whether you make a conscious, active choice to go to Heaven or not, for you can. You can choose to. There is a rubicon to be crossed. Yoga is a good example of heritage. I recommend it to people on all continents. But you can do yoga all day long and not end up in Heaven.

Math and science themselves are God’s creation.

There is no Heaven On Earth without a perfect balance between nature and humanity. The bird and its nest must exist in perfect harmony, for there is a spirit that imbues all existence.

There is but one God, and hence only one religion is possible. But religious diversity is fine, even welcome, as long as there is peace and harmony between all existing religions. But religion is that which recognizes the soul and its need to go to Heaven and have Everlasting Life, and that it is within ready reach of every human being, through a direct connect with God, no intermediary necessary. But immense communities are possible around that suggestion.

Heaven On Earth is a global economy shooting past 10,000 trillion dollars by the year 2500. Heaven On Earth is money being 100% digital, 100% global, 100% residing on the blockchain such that every single transaction gets recorded, and 100% in circulation, with that goal reached at the earliest. Heaven On Earth is all knowledge accessible in all languages both in writing and verbally to all humanity, with that goal reached at the earliest. Heaven On Earth is one person one vote one voice 24/7 taken to its logical and global conclusions, with that goal reached at the earliest.

Heaven On Earth is about summoning the Holy Spirit to engulf all earth such that there is no room left at all for evil spirits. The Jesus path creates Heaven in Heaven. It is about transporting souls from earth to Heaven. It is not well suited to creating Heaven On Earth. Although, upon death, one does need to go to Heaven.

How do you summon the Holy Spirit to engulf all earth? It is about righting the ying-yang gender balance that is in such imbalance. The ying yang balance also is about righting the earth’s ecosystem. Ending domestic violence and taking women to purchasing power parity and equal participation in governance is essential to striking the balance. Clean air is essential to clean spirits. Foul smell is The Devil’s turf and signature.

Heaven on Earth is about constant prayer. The spirit reads your thoughts before you even think them. The spirit prays for you even before you feel the need.

There will be a second coming of Jesus, but it will not be the male Jesus that you see on crosses. There was a female Jesus at creation. She will come back, not dramatically as just one person, but as a spiritual revival of women to the point of balance. Both Christians and Jews will be proven right. For the Christians it will be a second coming of Christ, for the Jews it will be a first coming of The Messiah. Maybe she is already here, and the thousand year reign has begun.

This is not about women taking over, for there is a woman inside every man. God is not male and The Holy Spirit female, they are one and the same.

God lives with the poor. God lives with the oppressed. God lives with the downtrodden. God lives with the fallen. If you go live with the poor, and come face to face with God, you can then go live like kings and queens and still preserve that God within you.

You are a unique soul endowed with free will by the God Almighty Himself. You can choose to go to Heaven and have everlasting life and happiness. But it is a choice you have to actively make. It does not happen by default or by itself. But if you don’t make that choice you end up in Hell. For there is a Heaven, and there is a Hell.

Forgiveness is proof your free will is a gift to you from God Almighty Himself.

The Truth will set you free, for there is a Judgment Day.

Jesus was a carpenter. In an era of farmers he was a carpenter. He was a tech entrepreneur. Jesus today would not be a carpenter. He would not walk on water either, he would not touch and cure either. Ordinary doctors today cure large numbers of people. People today fly on water. 

But he would pray and he would forgive. Those two are timeless. He had to confront the priests. Today those false priests might be those who talk of the second coming of Christ in terms of some kind of an Armageddon. I have seen predicted Armageddon not happen 12 times already. The last time was in 2012, was it not? 

God works in mysterious ways. I do not understand the ways of God. I only see what He reveals to me. Holy Father, My Father In Heaven, I offer you my daily prayer. Please offer me my daily guidance.

A lot of people wonder, did Jesus happen? What they are really asking is, could Jesus have happened? Did Jesus happen? I don’t have a definitive answer. But could Jesus have happened? I don’t have the slightest doubt.

Jesus coming back, or the Messiah coming, is not about one human being showing up. It is not the man on the cross climbing down. For Jesus is part of the trinity, although there is but one God. It will be a descending of the cloud, the cloud of the Holy Spirit, that will gradually engulf the earth. And once it fully engulfs the earth, there is Heaven On Earth.

Jesus coming back is no Armageddon. Armageddon is the talk of the Anti Christ. Think about it.

The Holy Spirit will not only permeate all human beings, it will also permeate all living creatures, not only all living creatures, but all inanimate objects as well.

What is my religion? I believe in God. I pray to God. That is my religion. This world is binary. Either you believe in God and pray to God, or The Devil is going to take you. There is no neutral territory.

The Internet was built by human beings. But when a person goes online, he/she gets to feel like the Internet has been built just for them, and that Internet is giving them total, individual attention. They get a super customized experience. And the Internet was built by human beings. What makes you think God is not capable of giving you total attention? As if He has no other business but to give you total attention.


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