The Buddha Saw The Light

The Buddha saw the light. He called it Enlightenment. But he did not go past the light to the sound part. That sound part is the exquisite music part, and it is Heaven. He did not go that far, not in his lifetime. But he did go far. 

India And God

Krishna And Christ, Geeta And Gospel

Jesus And Miracles

Son Of God

Inter Faith Dialogue, Free Speech Dialogue

Anti Semitism

Pray. Love. Forgive. Create. Congregate. Summon The Spirit.

America And China

Buddhist, Christian, Yogi, Fastist


Many Religions, One God

Jesus, Son Of Whose God?

Does Jesus Speak English?

Chinese Nationalism And The Soul

Cows, Beef, Religion, Science, And Global Warming


Kumbha Mela And Jesus

Soul Linear, Mind Cyclical?

Some Early Thoughts On Islam

Rama And Krishna, Buddha And Jesus

Bruce Lee And Buddha, Body And Mind

Religion In The Roman World

Why Did God Pick The Jews?

Shiva At Mount Kailash: Where Is He?

Religion, God And Jesus Christ

Light, Love And God

Jesus : The Lost Years

Actionable Intelligence

The Hindu Belief System

Abraham As Einstein

Jews: The People Who Chose

America, India, Meditation And Religion

Picking Apart The Hindu Belief System

Madhesh And Nepal

Rama, Krishna And Christ

Making Sense Of Prophet Muhammad

A Lot Of Indians Think Humans Are Gods

The Vedas

Rama, Krishna And Christ (2)

Who Was Shiva?

Rama, Krishna And Christ (3)

Rama, Krishna And Christ (4)

The Buddha Was Not, Is Not God

Indian Brahmins Worshipping Donald Trump

“Come Down From The Cross!”

To Worship Buddha Is To Miss The Point

Muhammad’s Contributions

Rama, Krishna And Christ (5)

The Buddha: More Than A Teacher

Who Was Shiva?

Jesus: Wisdom: Bramha

Shiva, Rama, Krishna

Rama And Krishna In The Gospel

Rama, Krishna, Jesus And Cultural Diversity

If The Holy Spirit Is The Giver Of Life



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