The Devil Exists Still

Just like mitochondria is a cellular reality, the devil is a soulular reality. And it exists still. Evil is a soulful deformity like disease is a physical deformity.

Evil is immune to things like good manners, kindness and forgiveness. Forgiveness is meant for human beings, not for The Devil.

You confront The Devil, you refuse to fall for its deceptions and intrigue. It tries to instigate when it can. It tries to work through others. It tries to create mayhem. You know it through its work. But it can not change its fundamental nature, and that is why identifying it is a major part of the challenge. Human beings making wrong choices can change for the better, but not The Devil.

Evil is that evil does. Evil is that evil plots. Evil is that evil instigates.

The good news is evil might be down to 1%, possibly even heading towards 0.1%. But there is no Heaven On Earth until there is no trace of evil on earth.

Crime doctors and soul doctors have their work cut out for them. It is best they work in tandem.

Evil is best thought of as disease and cured or destroyed as disease.

Angels also exist. They look like human beings. But they act like and talk like angels.

One has to choose to pray. It is an act of free will. God saves here and now, because there is evil still here and now. Heaven is for later. The ever so kind God.

The Devil can command a robot or Artificial Intelligence, just as, or even more skillfully than can a human. And so no far advances in the use of robotics and artificial intelligence to the goal of Heaven On Earth is possible unless there is a total effort to combat and ward off The Devil, for it can cause immense nuisance, and possible mayhem, perhaps accidents.

Prayer, worship and community are of existential importance. Zero poverty, zero crime are for the good of all. Reaching out to and rescuing the misguided and fallen is essential to truly identifying and isolating The Devil. Identifying and isolating are specialized skills.

The Devil has managed to penetrate The Bible itself. Talk of Armageddon is The Devil penetrating The Bible. Not Christ, but The Anti Christ would want an Armageddon. Think about it, Jesus was all about love, peace, kindness and forgiveness. He did not, could not have asked people to pick up the sword. He only asked that they pray and they forgive, and they ask for forgiveness and go to Heaven. 

God created Heaven and Earth, but God did not create The Devil. The Devil is not of either Heaven or Earth.

Just like there are angels, there are evil spirits. You have to actively seek spiritual health just as you seek physical and mental health. Building communities of the spiritually healthy and constantly expanding those communities is important.

The Devil can be isolated, The Devil can be defeated, but The Devil is also indestructible. And so there is the need for eternal vigilance. But it is possible to engulf all earth with The Holy Spirit and leave no room for the evil spirits.

Just like you need doctors to ward off the cough and make someone whole again, you need soul doctors to ward off the evil spirits when someone has come under the influence.

It is the property of The Devil to do evil. It can not be any other way.

The Devil is capable of creating Hell On Earth. Large scale wars, acts of genocide, large stretches of disease: we have seen those before. Protect the dead and the dying by keeping foul smell away. Protect the sick.

Ultimately it is about spreading the spiritual consciousness. For God is mightier than The Devil. God is loving, God is kind.

God is not matter. God is not even spirit. Your soul is spirit. God is above matter and spirit. God can be matter. God can be spirit. The Devil is spirit. God can destroy The Devil when it takes physical forms. But The Devil is spirit. It is not matter. God can not destroy things spiritual. God can overpower The Devil. God can ward off evil, displace it. But The Devil stays fearless, for it knows it can not change. And it knows it can not be destroyed. To The Devil it is not even evil, it just is. Like fire is fire, and water is water, The Devil is The Devil, it is evil. Water does not judge wetness to be either good or bad or wet. But to us it is so obvious water is wet. 

There is physical health. There is mental health. And there is spiritual health. We need doctors for all three. But the most important is the most neglected. The second most important is the second most neglected. The third most important is neglected still, despite both knowledge and resources being available. There is lack of a humanity level coordination.

The spiritual stands above it all.

Down the line the separation of church and state might even become unnecessary and undesirable. Government does do physical health, does it not? Why not also do spiritual health? Separation of church and state has historically been key to maintaining peace between religions. But if humanity can mature to a point where religious violence just does not happen, and where religious prejudice has become old fashioned, and there is general tolerance for religious diversity, we might reach a point where separation between church and state becomes unnecessary. Each organized religion might get a funding that is in proportion to how many members each has. Some formula might get worked out.

It is said most of the homeless in NYC are homeless because they have mental health issues. That might be part of the story. A side story might be that evil spirits need to be warded off. And that is for soul doctors to do. That is also important for good health. An evil spirit can drag you to the ground.

A strong belief in God, regular prayer, and a community of prayer keeps your spiritual immune system strong, and keeps the evil spirits at bay. When you are feeling bad, perhaps even down and out, when you are going through a rough patch, or when you are outright sick, the explanation sometimes is physical, sometimes it is mental, but sometimes it is spiritual. All three have to be taken into account. Just like with physical and mental health, wellness and prevention is the best route to take.

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