Houses Of Worship

The Holy Book (Rough Draft)


Organizations And Structures

One Church Is Enough

Fill The Churches With Music

Changing Circumstances And The Sunday Service

The Sunday Service


Little Church

The Importance Of Changing Circumstances

St. Patrick’s Cathedral

The Table Of Six: Complete In Itself

The Person You Know To Be Today

Every town on earth deserves at least one house of worship. But just like one chooses to pray to God out of free will, one should not visit a House Of Worship for lack of shelter. Houses should become so cheap that people buy them like they buy computers today. Advances in nanotechnology are to give us super light, super cheap, super strong materials with which to build houses. They will be so light, they might fly like kites unless you were to screw them tightly to the ground. From the boxes they are today, houses will become interesting like trees.

And in that era the House Of Worship will buzz like a beehive every day of the week. For there will be no religious tension, there will be peace and abundance. People will gather. One day a week they might gather to pray. But then there will be another wing where children gather for education five days a week, where they eat their daily lunch, where adults gather in the evenings also for education and to eat a common meal. Maybe Saturdays will be for a health camp. A health camp for the healthy, for the most part. There will be a wing for shelter for any who might thus desire. You press your thumb to check in with your biometric ID, and you make use of the shelter. Anyone may drop by to eat. And deep in the structure is the place for worship, where people drop by many times a week to offer prayer.

Houses of worship are important. Communities of worship are important, and thus religion is important, although it is true the temple has to be cleaned on a regular basis. It seems to gather dust. Prejudices creep in. Humility dries up. And there is need for a fresh injection of questioning and an attempt to go to the bare fundamentals.

They are community centers with open playgrounds. They are gathering places.

The core of the House Of Worship is best for music, music of any and all kinds. For music is a glimpse into Heaven.

1_674374917lhouses-in-the-cliffs-may-be-the-future-of-the-luxury-home-14-hq-photos-15future-float-house-2Houses of the future may be able to build themselves, integrating wiring and plumbing into the strucreboot1_jnfgy_57843d-printers-and-free-form-design-54845bg1681403-poster-1280-future-buildings-report-6floating20homes207tree-house-treehouse-outside-adventure-oas1s-3retro-future-home1-3118df4dddb60bee210fc042f8ccecdac7superdeepbasement3floating-housec46839f3-c768-4332-93a9-ae4e50af6a36-620x37234679e98ae3a0bdd8ec3d482907a2fd8bloom5-e1429518735636tree-house-treehouse-outside-adventure-oas1s-1


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